Mobile laser-scanning provides us with a system of capturing extensive volumes of survey data.  Greatly improved rates of productivity compared to traditional survey methods, safety improvements and cost savings are some of the benefits of such an approach.

Our vehicle mounted Leica Pegasus Two laser-scanner can acquire data safely without the need for personnel to be in dangerous situations such as on major highways or within a rail corridor. Scan data can be captured at road speeds without the need for costly closures and traffic management.

Accuracy is assured with a combination of a robust GNSS solution, inertial measurement units and advanced processing software. When incorporating survey ground control points into any project, accuracy can be further improved upon.

A recent project saw Heading & Associates capture data for a 40-plus acre industrial site in approximately two hours. This is a fraction of the time that would be required for a traditional feature survey. Other projects have included major road and rail corridor surveys to aid in design for infrastructure ventures.


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